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The Opera


The Opera is the sixth opus of the show The Musical Paintings, true encounter between painting and music.

This piano recital augmented with a video part allows the spectators to immerse themselves in the world of famous opera transcriptions (Tristan and IsoldeOrpheus and EurydiceAida) and in the magic of ballets (Scheherazade ,Romeo and Juliet,The waltz, choreographic poem composed by Ravel).

The visual dimension of the opera is produced thanks to the film connecting musical works with their pictorial correspondences. The camera movements are defined from the score and respond to the rhythms and harmonies. Master paintings become both the sublime setting and the main characters.

The masterpieces from the collections of Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) from New York, from Getty Museum from Los Angeles, Museum of Fine Arts of Paris (Petit Palais) and Carnavalet Museum connect with the pages of Prokoviev, Ravel, Verdi, Wagner, Gluck and Korsakov, allowing the public to experience a multi-sensory experience at the heart of Art.

The audience then discovers, in a new form, the greatmagnified love stories by composers and painters.

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