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Bertrand Coynault, pianiste
THE SEASON 2023-2024
B.Coynault ©Abramowitz


The pianist Bertrand Coynault plunges us into the world of sound

from natural worldtranscribed by Debussy and Ravel

mirrored of the romantic vision of Liszt and Schubert.

Bertrand Coynault will also perform two major works of the repertoire,

the Shostakovich's second sonata and the third of Brahms,

each of these frescoes revealing to us its own fight for freedom.

Trained by the Russian school, Bertrand Coynault stands out

by his bold programs and his natural lyricism.

Chopin, Debussy, Ravel, Brahms and Rachmaninov are

part of his favorite repertoire.

He performs in many halls and festivals in recital and

with his show "The Musical Paintings".





" Three encores and a standing ovation "

La Dépêche


"An exceptional classical piano recital!"

The Dauphine

"A real revelation!"

Elena Varvarova - pianist

"This musician only has classical music that he interprets"

Picard Courier


"The Preludes of Chopin, which Bertrand Coynault gave with superb energy

and in a tradition flowing from Alfred Cortot "

Philippe Olivier - musicologist


Determined to bring a total vision of art to the public,

Bertrand Coynault created his show Les Toiles Musicales in 2016,

a real journey to the borders of art where music and painting interact.

Digital now mixes with recital for a sensory experience at the heart of Fine Arts.
The success of Les Toiles Musicales led him to collaborate with museums and private funds

to develop the future opus of the show.

This piano recital augmented by a video part allows the audience to immerse itself in

at the heart of master paintings and reveal their unsuspected details.

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